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Below is my old profile information, from a time when I used livejournal regularly. So much of it has changed but I'm nostalgic and don't want to lose everything below. So here's a quick update:

Sarah. 30. Pittsburgh. Social media & web production. Writer. Reader. Gryffinpuff. <3

sarah // katshakespeare

about me

sarah. 26. new york city. the upper west side. hometown: pittsburgh. writer. web publicist. publishing. former bookseller. former church youth director. ba in english. ma in english. mfa in creative writing. reader. dreamer. daughter. friend. realist. worrywort. christian. conservative.
music. journaling. prayer. god. jesus christ. romance. words. gryffindor. passion. enthusiasm. courage. belief. faith. loves the ignore feature on her cell phone. classes of 2002, 2006, and 2008. pittsburgh. california. orange county. creative writing. spanish. mission work. girl rock. cover songs. great lyrics. a perfect sentence. wants to express self in songs but can't find the melody. sticks to fiction. tells it how it is. yearns for more. wants love.


tv: smallville, lost, grey's anatomy, the big bang theory, veronica mars, birds of prey, glee, how I met your mother, 30 rock, snl, castle, lois & clark: the new adventures of superman, star trek: voyager, the x-files, ace of cakes, chefs vs. city, diners drive-ins and dives, dinner: impossible, iron chef: america, food network challenge.

movies: shakespeare in love, the princess and the frog, superman returns, batman begins, the dark knight, harry potter, pirates of the caribbean, 1776, 10 things I hate about you, dreamgirls, hairspray, rent, a league of their own.

books: the house of mirth, harry potter, the hunger games, life as we knew it, one hundred years of solitude, midnight's children, speak, wake, anything by julia quinn.

music: third day, hawk nelson, casting crowns, tobymac, the clarks, kelly clarkson, sons of sylvia, newsboys, jeremy camp, miley cyrus, taylor swift, kings of leon, kris allen, the beatles, house of heroes, steven curtis chapman.

things: cats, books, musicals, scrapbooking, photography, the internet, my DROID, cold water, swimming, camping, London, traveling, reading, writing, friends, faith, family, sleeping, rainy days, campfires, cooking, food.


starshineangel2 is the James Potter to my Sirius Black.

kalypso_speaks is the Harry Kim to my Tom Paris.

riverlights is the Ron Weasley to my Harry Potter.

futureidol is the Jenn Sewickley to my Sarah Chandler.

starrylites is the Bruce Wayne to my Clark Kent.

rhye is the Remus Lupin to my Sirius Black.

Unlike your family and some of your friends, other writers don't think it odd that you talk about your characters as if they were actually alive.

- Judy Reeves, A Writer's Book of Days

When I was a writer, I had to explain over and over again that my fiction was not based on my life. People never believed me. No one ever asked if my life was based on my fiction.

- Sara Lewis, Second Draft of My Life

The writer who cannot distinguish truth from a peanut-butter sandwich can never write good fiction.

- John Gardner, The Art of Fiction

If not for Leia, Xena would be unemployed, Janeway would be fetching coffee for Captain Kirk in a micromini skirt, and Scully's job would be waiting for Mulder to rescue her every week.

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While not the bravest of Gryffindors, the Gryffindor Pisces still exhibits a quiet courage. They aren't afraid to face painful truths, if there really is no way of escaping them. These Gryffindors are deeply compassionate, and full of emotional strength, often becoming the unofficial counselors in the common room who everybody runs to for advice. They are romantic to an extreme; their minds are stuffed full of fairy tales, myths, and legends. They often spend more time daydreaming than doing their homework, to the vexation of their professors. Still, their daydreams do sometimes produce uncanny insights.
[Taken from Harry Potter Astrology.]

always changing.
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